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AutoADMIN Benefits:

1. Show More People Your Cars
Studies* show more than one-third of all used vehicle purchases are facilitated by the Internet. If you get a web site, put your cars on the web site, put your domain name in all your marketing materials, on all your signs, stickers, decals, business cards and advertising, you will increase the number of people who see your cars. By using AutoADMIN, you are getting on the web and keeping your site up to date with little effort and at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise cost you to increase your vehicle exposures.

2. Cut Your Advertising Costs
By having your vehicles on the web and keeping your web site up to date, you won't need to put as many vehicles in the newspaper to get people's attention. Instead, subscribe to AutoADMIN, and get your cars on your web site. Then feature a high profile vehicle with a good-sized, attractive ad in the car section of your local paper and use the ad to direct people to your web site to see ALL your current inventory with large, color photos.

3. Reach Your Local Market
Most of your customers come from your local market. Reach your local market—maximize your revenue. Most people think the Internet is a global medium. Certainly it is, but they often overlook that it is more so an immediate, convenient, robust communication medium, regardless of geographical distance. Whether on the other side of the globe or just across town, the Internet gives you a means of making your cars available 24 hours a day in the convenience of your customers' homes. The advantage you have is that you can focus advertising of your web site on a relatively small, reachable, well-defined demographic—your local market!

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